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Smart Credit & Lending

About Us, Mission and Vision

About Us:

Smart Credit & Lending specializes in financial literacy and provides financial learning & empowerment to individuals, families and small businesses. We provide each entity with the tools, training, and resources to help achieve their personal, financial, or business goals.

Smart Credit & Lending was birthed out of necessity, after CEO Trey Snodgrass, suffered a tremendous financial setback while experiencing foreclosure, repossession and bankruptcy just a short few years ago. After obtaining this newfound knowledge and education, he was able to recover and go from a low credit score of 536 to 791 (and still climbing!) He was also able to successfully pay off 4 vehicles in 3 years and build 2 new homes in 5 years. Trey feels called and compelled to now share this knowledge and wisdom with others and provide the right and necessary tools for them to make 'Smart' decisions with their credit, their lending, and financial solutions.


Smart Credit's mission is to be a leader & humble authority to people and small businesses and to positively impact by providing assistance with credit repair & restoration, establishing business credit, and obtaining business funding. Our purpose is to provide coaching, mentorship and to teach strategies & provide resources to help each person and/or company advance into financial greatness.


Smart Credit & Lending's vision principle is Faith - Family - Financial Stability. We also advocate & cater to the Small Business world and believe "All Businesses Deserve to Have a Choice!" We provide answers so that you can make that choice at Smart Credit & Lending, LLC.

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